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Chris Anderson

For Seminole County
Supervisor of Elections

Protecting Your Vote!

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Meet Chris

 Photo of the Anderson Family

No one will work harder than Chris Anderson to protect your vote.

After all, Chris devoted his career to protecting our rights, first by serving in Afghanistan after 9/11 and then as a law enforcement officer keeping our streets safe.  

A dedicated public servant, husband, and father, Chris was appointed as Seminole County Supervisor of Elections by Governor Ron DeSantis in January 2019. As Supervisor, Chris is committed to overseeing free and fair elections, preventing voter fraud, and ensuring every vote counts.

Chris is no stranger to adversity, overcoming challenges every step of the way. Raised by a single father, Chris spent plenty of nights going to bed hungry and lacking essentials like running water and electricity.

Through it all, Chris was able to overcome thanks to the strength of family and his faith. Chris has been married to his wife Ebony for 20 years. He is the father of one son, C.J., and two daughters, Christiana and Christian. Chris and his family are members at Church of Christ.

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Photo of Chris speaking to a high school class

Your Vote

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Protecting Your Vote

Hi, I am Chris Anderson and I’m running for re-election because I’m going to challenge the status quo in an effort to improve your quality of life.

I understand voting is physical representation of your ideals, beliefs and your principles. When you vote, you believe you’re improving your quality of life and it’s my job to make sure you have the opportunity to do just that.

Conduct Fair Elections

Chris is quoted from day one in saying “Elections are political, but my work as an elections administrator is principled.”

Prevent voter fraud

As a former major crimes detective and truth verification examiner, Chris has the experience to both locate and prevent voter fraud.

Ensure every vote counts

Cyber security is a top priority. Chris will require routine vulnerability testing, system updates and patches, and website protections for all voting systems in Seminole County to ensure every voter’s choice counts. The choice a voter makes, is the choice Chris will take!

Remain a good steward of tax payer dollars

Since taking office, Chris has ensured Seminole County remains lowest cost per voter in the Central FL region.

Looking to the future:

Become more in environmentally friendly and fiscally responsible

Chris believes we can reduce the amount of paper used by the office and use technology to our advantage to better educate and communicate with voters.

The future is VoteSeminole, the smart phone app with personalized voter information at the tip of your fingers!


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